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This is my most wonderful best friend.. I love my mother - my friend - so much... She has been diagnosed with cancer and she needs your prayers to battle the disease.. I have nor will I ever be as close to another human being as I am with my mother.. I love her so much it hurts.. She is SUCH a good woman.. I would think so even if she wasn't my mother..

Well, today is May 4, 2005.. (Wednesday) - and she is back in the hospital again.. She was in ICU for a while, but now she is in her own room.. Mothers' day is coming up and she will be in the hospital for that still.. and I would like to do something special for her, but I don't know what.. I don't have any money, and I won't have a job for another 2 weeks or more.. so if whoever is reading this could email me with suggestions at I would appreciate it.. I miss her - it seems as though I haven't seen her in a long time..

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