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The story of a wonderful cat

I was a sophomore in college when I really wanted to take a kitten up with me to school... I heard that there was a stray kitten around the house and I jumped at the chance to have her.. It turned out that she was the neighbor's kitten so I had to give her back.. It all turned out good because I saw a sign at a supermarket about free kittens.. I went over and they gave me the sweetest kitty of the bunch.. I took him home and he went up to school with me and we were tight.. I named him Mozart. He got sick a few times and I had to spend outrageous amounts of money on him to get him better but I was happy to do so.. He was there for me when I had my heart broken by some guy or anything that went wrong.. He was always there to cuddle just like he was saying "it'll all work out.." I loved him like I would my own baby.. Well I didn't have enough money to stay in school so I went home and stayed there until the spring semester.. About a month before I was meant to go back to school Mozart was hit by a car and was killed.. I didn't find out until later that evening.. It was so sad for that to happen but he's in a better place now and I'm glad I was there to give him all I did.. This was about a week ago - (today's date is 11/20/98) - and I'm still pretty shaken up about it.. I'm beginning to annoy people around me because it's all I can talk or think about.. It's getting easier though.. Not everyday do I have a friend like that.. He was my baby..

The above two pictures were taken the day before he was killed..